When it comes to electrical systems, the importance of high-quality wiring cannot be overstated. Reliable wiring is the backbone of any electrical setup, ensuring seamless power distribution and connectivity. Our comprehensive range of wiring products is designed to meet the diverse needs of various applications. Explore our offerings below and elevate your electrical projects to new heights.

Armoured Cable

Armoured cables are the epitome of durability and protection for power transmission. Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and mechanical stress, our armoured cables provide a secure conduit for electrical currents. The following table highlights key features of our armoured cables:

Outer Sheath MaterialPVC or XLPE for enhanced durability
Armour TypeSteel or aluminum for mechanical protection
Voltage RatingSuitable for various voltage requirements
ApplicationIdeal for outdoor and underground installations

Cotton Braided Cable

For those who appreciate the timeless appeal of cotton braided cables, our collection combines classic aesthetics with modern performance. These cables are not just visually appealing but also boast excellent flexibility and insulation properties. Explore the features of our cotton braided cables:

Conductor MaterialCopper for optimal conductivity
Braiding MaterialCotton for a vintage look and added strength
Insulation TypePVC or rubber for electrical insulation
Temperature RatingSuitable for a wide range of operating temperatures

Battery Cable

Powering your vehicle’s electrical systems requires a reliable and robust battery cable. Our selection of battery cables ensures a secure and efficient power flow, contributing to the overall performance and longevity of your vehicle’s battery. Consider the features of our battery cables:

Conductor MaterialTinned copper for corrosion resistance
Insulation MaterialPVC or rubber for electrical insulation
Gauge OptionsVarious gauge sizes to meet different power requirements
Terminal TypeAvailable with a range of terminals for easy installation

Wiring Terminals & Connectors

Achieving seamless connections in your electrical system is vital for optimal performance. Our range of wiring terminals and connectors ensures reliable and secure electrical connections, reducing the risk of voltage drops and signal interference. Explore the features of our terminals and connectors:

MaterialBrass or copper for conductivity and durability
CoatingTin-plated or nickel-plated for corrosion resistance
TypesVarious terminal and connector types for diverse applications
Crimping OptionsCompatible with standard crimping tools for easy installation

Cable & Pipe Clips

Efficiently organizing and securing your wiring is made easy with our cable and pipe clips. These clips provide a tidy solution for routing and fastening cables, preventing tangling and reducing the risk of damage. Consider the features of our cable and pipe clips:

MaterialNylon, plastic, or metal for strength and durability
Mounting OptionsAvailable in adhesive or screw-mount options for versatile installation
Size OptionsVarious sizes to accommodate different cable diameters
ApplicationSuitable for automotive, industrial, and home wiring projects

Harness Tape

Ensuring proper insulation and protection for your wiring is essential for long-term reliability. Our harness tape is designed to provide a secure and durable covering, protecting your wiring from environmental factors and wear. Explore the features of our harness tape:

MaterialFabric or PVC for flexibility and insulation
Adhesive BackingEnsures a secure and long-lasting bond
Temperature RatingSuitable for a wide range of operating temperatures
Width OptionsAvailable in various widths for different wiring applications
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