In the world of vintage automobiles, every detail contributes to the overall charm and authenticity of these classic machines. At Vintage Motor Spares, we understand the importance of preserving the originality of your vintage vehicle, and our collection of vintage switches is curated to add that nostalgic touch to your ride. Let’s delve into the variety of switches that can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your classic motor.

Ignition Switches

The ignition switch is not just a functional component; it’s a statement of style and vintage elegance. Crafted to match the design aesthetics of classic vehicles, our ignition switches seamlessly blend functionality with an authentic retro look. Explore the key features in the table below:

DesignVintage-inspired, enhancing the overall aesthetics
Key TypeAvailable in traditional key or push-button options
MaterialDurable construction for longevity
Wiring OptionsCompatible with various wiring configurations

Dip Switch

The dip switch, a small yet essential component, controls the vehicle’s headlight settings. Our collection of dip switches combines classic design with modern functionality, ensuring a reliable and stylish solution for your vintage ride. Consider the features highlighted in the table below:

ControlAllows adjustment between high and low beam settings
MaterialVintage aesthetics with durable construction
Mounting OptionsCompatible with various mounting configurations

Brake Light Switches

Safety is paramount, even in vintage vehicles. Our brake light switches seamlessly integrate safety features with classic design, ensuring that your vintage ride meets modern safety standards. Explore the features of our brake light switches:

ActivationResponsive to brake pedal movement for timely brake light activation
CompatibilitySuitable for various brake systems
MaterialDurable construction for reliability
Wiring OptionsEasily adaptable to different wiring setups

Courtesy Light Switch

Enhance the interior ambiance of your classic vehicle with our courtesy light switch. Designed to evoke the charm of a bygone era, this switch adds a touch of sophistication to your vintage ride. Key features are outlined below:

ActivationResponsive to door opening for interior illumination
Vintage DesignComplements the classic interior aesthetics
MaterialCrafted for durability and longevity
CompatibilitySuitable for various courtesy light systems

Battery Master Switches

Our battery master switches not only serve a functional purpose but also contribute to the preservation of your vintage vehicle’s power. Designed with vintage style in mind, these switches are a perfect blend of form and function. Explore their features:

On/Off FunctionAllows easy control and preservation of battery power
Vintage AestheticsEnhances the overall look of the engine bay
MaterialBuilt for reliability and longevity
Mounting OptionsAdaptable to various mounting configurations

Starter Switches and Solenoids

The starter switch and solenoid are critical components for initiating your vintage engine. Our collection ensures that your engine starts with the precision and style that befits a classic vehicle. Consider the features in the table below:

Starter ActivationReliable initiation of the starting process
Vintage DesignMaintains the authenticity of your vintage engine
MaterialEnsures durability and longevity
CompatibilitySuitable for various vintage engine setups

SU Pump Contacts

For vintage vehicles equipped with SU pumps, our SU pump contacts offer a reliable solution to synchronize your fuel system. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these contacts ensure the smooth operation of your vintage fuel pump. Explore their features:

Contact MaterialEnsures efficient electrical connection for SU pumps
CompatibilitySuitable for various SU pump configurations
DurabilityResistant to wear and corrosion
Vintage AppealBlends seamlessly with the aesthetics of your vintage engine

Warning Lights

Stay informed about your vintage vehicle’s crucial systems with our collection of warning lights. Designed to mimic the classic dashboard aesthetics, these lights add a touch of authenticity to your driving experience. Explore their features below:

Indicator TypeAlerts for various systems such as oil pressure, battery, and more
Vintage AestheticsBlends seamlessly with the classic dashboard look
MaterialDurable construction for reliable performance
Illumination OptionsAvailable in various colors for customization
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