The charm of vintage vehicles lies not just in their timeless design but also in the exquisite accessories that enhance their elegance and authenticity. At Vintage Motor Spares, we take pride in offering a carefully curated collection of accessories that capture the spirit of classic motoring. From stylish mirrors to iconic GB plates, our range is designed to elevate your vintage driving experience. Explore the world of vintage accessories below.


Mirrors are more than just functional components; they are stylish accents that add a touch of classic elegance to your vintage vehicle. Our collection of mirrors is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that they seamlessly integrate with the aesthetics of your classic ride.


Stoneguards are not only practical in protecting your vintage vehicle’s finish from road debris but also contribute to the overall vintage aesthetic. Our stoneguards are designed to provide protection without compromising on the classic look of your vehicle.

Headlight Peaks

Headlight peaks are iconic accessories that create a distinctive silhouette on the road. Our collection of headlight peaks is inspired by classic designs, adding a touch of vintage flair to the front profile of your vehicle.

Badge Bars

Badge bars are a canvas for expressing the identity of your vintage vehicle. Our collection includes sturdy and stylish badge bars that provide the perfect backdrop for displaying your favorite badges and emblems.

GB Plates

GB plates are a nod to the heritage of British motoring. Our collection features classic GB plates that add a patriotic touch to your vintage vehicle, celebrating its roots with pride.

Union Jack Badges

Union Jack badges are timeless symbols of British patriotism. Our collection includes intricately designed Union Jack badges that add a vintage flair to your vehicle, showcasing a proud connection to history.

Licence Holder

A licence holder is a practical accessory that also contributes to the vintage aesthetics of your vehicle. Our licence holders are designed to securely display your documents while maintaining the classic look.

Aero Screens

Aero screens are synonymous with the exhilarating experience of wind-in-the-hair motoring. Our collection features classic aero screens that not only enhance the vintage look but also provide a sense of open-road freedom.

Radio Aerial

A radio aerial is more than just a functional component; it’s a nod to the era when tunes played on the airwaves were an integral part of the driving experience. Our collection includes vintage-inspired radio aerials that evoke a sense of nostalgia.


Goggles are not just accessories; they are essential elements for drivers who appreciate the wind-in-the-hair experience. Our collection of goggles combines style with functionality, offering classic eye protection for your vintage drives.

Budget Lock Covers

Budget lock covers provide a practical solution for securing your vintage vehicle while maintaining its elegant appearance. Our collection includes budget lock covers that offer both functionality and a touch of classic style.

Bumper Bolts

Bumper bolts are the finishing touches that complete the vintage look of your vehicle’s bumpers. Our collection features classic bumper bolts that add a touch of elegance to your vintage ride.

Compare Table

Use the following table to compare key features of our accessories and choose the perfect ones for your vintage vehicle:

MirrorsStylish accents for classic eleganceChrome, stainless steel, or brassOptimal functionality
StoneguardsPractical protection with a vintage aestheticStainless steel or aluminumRoad debris defense
Headlight PeaksDistinctive silhouettes on the roadChrome or stainless steelIconic appearance
Badge BarsCanvas for expressing vintage identityChrome or stainless steelBadge and emblem display
GB PlatesNod to British motoring heritageAluminum or acrylicPatriotism on display
Union Jack BadgesTimeless symbols of British patriotismChrome or enamelVintage pride
Licence HolderVintage document protectionLeather or vinylSecure document display
Aero ScreensEmbracing wind-in-the-hair motoringChrome or stainless steelOpen-road freedom
Radio AerialNostalgic tunes on the airwavesChrome or stainless steelClassic radio aesthetic
GogglesEssential eye protection with styleLeather and glassWind-in-the-hair experience
Budget Lock CoversPractical elegance for securityChrome or stainless steelSecure and stylish
Bumper BoltsFinishing touches for vintage bumpersChrome or stainless steelClassic bumper accents
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